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Another nice blog entry.

I love doing these, it is so fun to find all these unique blogs that share ideas and fun things. Half the fun is seeing who else has been written about, and what other great ideas are out there that others have had.

Still hard at work. The pink straws are selling great for Valentine’s Day. I can’t wait until the end of the month when I feel I can “legally” post Spring-colored bundles of straws. It’s coming, it’s coming! Spring!

Nice little review at Evergreen Moms.

Got a great review at Evergreen Moms today. 10% off you mention them in the notes to me in Etsy! They have a great blog, twitter, etc., full of great products and info for eco parents! Enjoy the read!

New Straws! Colors

We have straws in colors now! Amber, lavender and cobalt, with green and red and more colors to come shortly! Also, now there are awesome carrying cases. Woo! New Stuff at Etsy!

Straws by Carli at Etsy.

More glass!

Well, I had to go buy more glass. For more straws! Hopefully it will be here in a day or two, as I need to make some for a small show next weekend on the 31st. More on that in a day or two. Right now, I need my kiln fixed! I am hauling it out to a glass store nearby, as I am getting no love from the manufacturer. It will cost more this way, but I NEED it working and I’m paying for the speed at this point.

Where glass straws are created.

Want to see where the magic happens?

Where glass straws are made.

Where glass straws are made.

This was first my artisan bead studio. Still is, actually, but now this is where I make my glass straws,  using the torch you see in front of the chair, and the kiln to the right. This is a moderately old photo, there are now two kilns, and I am about to upgrade to a new torch called a Lynx, which should open up a lot of worlds both in the bead creation and the glass straw adornment department.

This room was given a ceiling last summer by my Dad, before that it was just rafters and got fairly chilly when working in the winter months, but now it is snug and warm, just with the heat of the kilns going for annealing the straws!

More straws up on Etsy!

Now there are a few packs of 4, and 2, just simple plain straws, unadorned but beautiful in their function.

Shouldn’t be too long until the carrying cases are done, I should be seeing the final prototypes by Friday.


First Straws for Sale!

I have my first three straws up in Etsy for anyone to buy. I brought them out to the public last month at a very large glass sale in Portland, Oregon, and they did very well! So I am excited to see how they do on Etsy. Also, my cozy carrying cases for them are almost complete, I have a friend who is making them with scraps from her cloth diaper and baby clothes business, which is really great since she gets rid of scraps and I help recycle and reuse materials without needing the world to manufacture more for my use!
Those should be ready in just a couple weeks, but for now, yay! Straws!

I also have my standard line of dot straws figured out, there will be 4 to start, which can be bought individually, or as a group. They will be Element Straws. Here is the first one, Water:


Each will be unique in dot placement, etc., but using the same color combination. Maybe tomorrow I will post a photo of Fire!


My first straws are in the kiln!

This was my first day working with boro. I have been a glass artist since 2003, but never went into the borosilicate side of things until today. I love working with soft glass, despite all the challenges the medium comes with. Starting anew with boro is exciting, scary, and makes me a little nervous. I feel like a newbie all over again, which, honestly, I am. Boro behaves so differently. And I won’t know until tomorrow if the colors I used did the cool “boro” thing that boro is famous for. But even if not, I will have functioning glass straws, and that is the point of this entire endeavor. Making glass straws that can be used again and again, so that less plastic straws are “needed” in the world. To create something special, personal, and a tad luxurious. Drinking from a sparkling glass straw FEELS good, both just in the experience, and knowing you are helping improve the state of the world in  your own small but sippable way.

I promise to post photos, no matter what I find in the kiln tomorrow morning!