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Where glass straws are created.

Want to see where the magic happens? This was first my artisan bead studio. Still is, actually, but now this is where I make my glass straws,  using the torch you see in front of the chair, and the kiln to the right. This is a moderately old photo, there are now two kilns, and [...]

First Straws for Sale!

I have my first three straws up in Etsy for anyone to buy. I brought them out to the public last month at a very large glass sale in Portland, Oregon, and they did very well! So I am excited to see how they do on Etsy. Also, my cozy carrying cases for them are [...]


My first straws are in the kiln! This was my first day working with boro. I have been a glass artist since 2003, but never went into the borosilicate side of things until today. I love working with soft glass, despite all the challenges the medium comes with. Starting anew with boro is exciting, scary, [...]