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My first straws are in the kiln!

This was my first day working with boro. I have been a glass artist since 2003, but never went into the borosilicate side of things until today. I love working with soft glass, despite all the challenges the medium comes with. Starting anew with boro is exciting, scary, and makes me a little nervous. I feel like a newbie all over again, which, honestly, I am. Boro behaves so differently. And I won’t know until tomorrow if the colors I used did the cool “boro” thing that boro is famous for. But even if not, I will have functioning glass straws, and that is the point of this entire endeavor. Making glass straws that can be used again and again, so that less plastic straws are “needed” in the world. To create something special, personal, and a tad luxurious. Drinking from a sparkling glass straw FEELS good, both just in the experience, and knowing you are helping improve the state of the world inĀ  your own small but sippable way.

I promise to post photos, no matter what I find in the kiln tomorrow morning!

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