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Why GLASS straws!?

The idea of a glass straw sounds scary, at first. But a little information can go a long way to ease your fears about using glass straws from The Last Straw.

All our straws are made from a glass called borosilicate glass. This is the exact same glass that is known as Pyrex,  and used in countless cookware and measuring items. This glass was created by Corning, and all Pyrex items go through a specific process of heating and cooling to make sure they are sturdy, rigid, and safe. The same is true for all of our straws, using a formula that is identical to the one at Corning. By slowly cooling glass to room temperature in a controlled environment, the glass is given a chance to structurally arrange itself in a process known as annealing. Correct annealing gives the glass strength and durability, and is what makes Pyrex, and borosilicate glass, such a great medium for cookware, and straws!

Not all glass in the world is correctly annealed. This process takes time and patience, and a there is a lot of art glass, blown glass, and other items that have not been treated to a proper annealing schedule. In time, these items will crack and break, even if it takes several  years for that moment to arrive!

All straws at The Last Straw are guaranteed for the life of the straw to not crack or break under normal usage conditions. If you drop a straw on the floor, it has a good chance of remaining intact. If you stomp on it really hard with a gigantic boot, yes, it will probably snap. It’s glass! But you should feel safe about using our straws as an alternative to potentially harmful plastic, BPA-containing straws for your family. If you drop it and it breaks, let us know, and if we cannot fix it when you return it to us, we will replace it free of charge.

Our glass for the straw is a brand called Simax,  which is a high quality product. All the boro glass used in my embellishments is American made boro glass, created within 20 miles of my home,  to help lower my own carbon footprint, and the footprint of your straws!

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask! And remember, our straws are covered by a lifetime guarantee. If one breaks,  I will make you another one. If you try it and a glass straw isn’t for you, send it back, within 30 days and I will refund your purchase. Each glass straw helps the world use less plastic in a product that doesn’t need to exist in plastic form. Plus, they are just fun to use and pretty,  a visual reminder to slow down and enjoy what you imbibe, and a simple statement that you are contributing, in your own way, to creating a better world for all of us.